Food Engineering Department, which was founded in 1977 and produced its first group of alumni in 1980, has been conducting education and research in 2 major fields of science; Food Science Branch and Food Technology Branch. In addition to 2 years of elementary science education that is part of the undergraduate program, the department offers elementary engineering and technology classes as well. One third of the classes are conducted in English and 1 year of English preparation education is provided.

The education and research activity within the department is conducted in 6 classrooms , 4 general laboratories and 12 research laboratories all of which are sufficiently equipped. The department staff includes 37 academic and 9 administrative personnel. Our student body is made up of successful individuals whose math-based score ranks amongst the top 2%-3% of the nationwide university entry exam. In average, 50 new students join our department every year. Currently, the department includes approximately 250 students in active education.

In addition to education-research activities, our department is a part of numerous on-campus clubs and student groups. Within the framework of Faculty of Sciences – Food Engineering Branch, our department conducts senior engineering, graduate and doctorate programs as well. Our graduates find employment in all fields of the food industry including process design, production planning, manufacturing, processing, quality control and marketing of food products.